Other Matters

Change of Name Deed Poll, Statutory Declaration, Affidavit, Power of Attorney, and Attestation.


Deed Poll drafting and witness £150.00 plus VAT

Stat declaration drafting and witness £150.00 plus VAT

ID1 Witness £50.00 plus VAT

Certify per page £10.00 inc VAT

Advice on Occupiers Consent £100.00 plus VAT

Advice on Guarantee for loan £150.00 plus VAT

Witness and advice on TR1 £100.00 plus VAT

Independent legal advice £150.00 plus VAT

Drafting simple Will and Witness £150.00 plus VAT

Drafting complex Will and Witness Please consult for quotation

Lasting Power of Attorney
(i) Financial Affairs 650 plus VAT
(ii)Health and Welfare 650 plus VAT



Professional Fees As per guidance rate

Senior Solicitor over 10 years (Head of Private Client)                £260.00 + VAT per hour

Solicitors over 5 years                                                                       £240.00 + VAT per hour

Trainee Solicitors                                                                                £175.00 + VAT per hour

Legal Assistants                                                                                   £75.00 + VAT per hour